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The Rapture of Surrender

Posted by Madame Rax on Tuesday, May 29, 2018, In : Madame's Own 
It is exceedingly difficult for even the most pliable of submissives to make the transformative Total Power Exchange (TPE). 

The slave wants to rebel, break free, fight back. Their own narratives are central to their desires. Their whims come first.

So what happens if they give them up? 

Many things, if the Dominant is a good one. 

The initial surrender may feel terrifying, especially to a person who is as guarded as most submissives are. Because Dominance is so commonly abused, slaves must pract...
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Domination in Stages: Hegelian Dialectics and D/s relationships.

Posted by Madame Rax on Sunday, December 15, 2013, In : D/s Dynamics 
In the more philosophy-heavy sects of BDSM, practitioners will discuss Foucault and hierarchies of power. This has an obvious connection: D/s dynamics are reflections of the "natural order" brought about by the human desire for organization. I, however, prefer to make more subtle connections to behavioral mechanisms within My own brand of Domination. I use a system in which I like to draw on an altered form of Hegelian dialectics, specifically the so-called "freedom dialectic" or, more approp...
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