Sissy Training: This is a ten-step process.

Before training begins, you must first understand and accept your desire, celebrating it or potentiallyreceive punishment until you realize the value.

Step 1: Observation and notes on gender roles and sex aspects.
Social situation observation, jotting down ideas about the varieties of female existence.

Step 2: Instructional video training.
Going through each of several handpicked lists of videos on living a more feminine life. 

Step 3: Cultivating your inner femininity. 
Picking a name, a style (via a fashion website), and redefining your hobbies and interests. 

Step 4: Intensifying feminine habits.
Changing attitudes and behaviors in a way that creates a more feminine approach to your life. 

Step 5: Creating a feminine persona.
Identifying role models, behavior styles, and reactions to negativity. Pleasing Madame with your changes.

Step 6: Putting the education and training to practice.
Making a debut on social media with your new self, and reinforcing goals. 

Step 7: Endurance training, and minimizing "drops."
What to do when you inevitably fail at some certain aspects of your new life.

Step 8: Learning to embrace and love your new life.
How to appreciate the new feminine life you're creating. 

Step 9: Mentoring and coaching a newer sissy.
Effectively taking what you've learned and done, and helping someone new experience it. 

Step 10: Cementing your role as a new sissy, perpetually.
A possible collaring and/or dismissal, depending on the goals agreed upon.