Mint - Budgeting and finance tool. I will see all of your financial information at a glance, and control your spending. 
Brightnest - Task-based home cleaning site. I will assign household chores and a general cleaning schedule.
K9 Web Protection - Website/computer control software. I can restrict your adult sites, when the computer can be used, and even what time certain programs can be used.
Fond of Writing - Commands, written by Me, given straight from inside your computer. Writing lines, text, essays, and more - with prompts, distraction, computer lockdowns, and other delightful sabotage. Punishment writing for failure.
Remember the Milk - I set tasks and they are sent to you via email or text. May be repeating or once off and/or set to start and be completed at specific times. Work assignments, humiliation assignments, and more. I require video or photographic evidence of completion. 
Nest HVAC Control 2.0 -  A moderate-difficulty installation replacing your regular digital readout home thermostat, which I will control remotely from My phone. It will be sometimes freezing, sometimes sweltering, and I control your atmosphere. 
MobiTrackApps - Ghost program on your cell phone which allows Me to keep track of your mobile data usage, GPS coordinates, your contact names, when and what you texted to each person, and the calls you make. If I smell any lies, you will pay. I see all. 
Fitbit Flex - I will monitor your waking activity, sleep time, how far you walked, establish goals, and punish you for falling short. Also an abrupt silent alarm that vibrates whenever set. Wakey, wakey.
D-Link DCS 935L Home Monitor - I am able to see and hear everything that you are doing in a given area, from the comfort of My smart phone. Even in low-light conditions. I will set it to detect motion so if you sneak to your computer in the middle of the night, I will be notified. Big Mother is watching you. Will verify chastity devices, exercise regimen, self-punishment, forced femme, etc. 
Teamviewer - I log into your computer and use it as if it were in front of Me. I can modify your key usage, delete your control panel, lock you out of your own information, and look at all of your private information. I hold ALL the keys, and I am the Master, there.