Rainboots Fetish Video

$ 10 USD


Beautiful video of My purple rainboots splashing, twirling, and giving you an underboot view to long to clean with your soft pink tongue. Grimy, wet, dead leaves. 

Delivery via email or another way, if preferred.




Cash Counting Video

$ 10 USD

Slight suggestive knife play, mouthing the word MORE, this video is silent but deadly.

Screenshot is low-res, final product is high-res.

Delivery via email or another method, if preferred.


Rude Gestures Video

$ 12.00 USD

Set to epic funerary music, Madame Rax shows you with Her face and fingers just how rude She can be without even saying a word. She conveys disgust about your self, small dick, shame, and tells you to fuck off in a myriad of ways!