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I am an intellectually superior Dominant Female with a propensity for wreaking havoc on your financial holdings. However, I do not do so with the intention of bankrupting you, as I believe your funds are better drained slowly, with increasing value, over time.

Things I will do include: selecting a few items within a reasonable dollar amount, pressing toward the higher end of what you are capable of giving. This incentivizes you to make upwardly mobile your earning potential. I will also make sure I hold your financial information, and I will create budgets and spreadsheets for you, so that you live within your means AND you have extra cash for Me at the end of the month (or bimonthly, weekly, etc). Ideal for those who crave the benefits of structure. I will build you up, professionally, with financial analysis and consultation, and you will provide for Me the material comforts of financial perks. I will make you entirely useful to Me. you will be My tool. At My disposal. 

Things I will NOT do include: use the term “wallet rape,” call you a faggot or any other pejorative term I deem inappropriate, give you the finger, refer to you as “loser” or “pathetic fuck” constantly, or deal with any nonsense. I do not dole out second chances. I am able to discriminate. 

That said, I have no problem with those who practice or do not practice any of the above actions. I hold no illusory notions about their utility, I am just not that kind of Domme. I am My own kind, and I do not wish to emulate the experiences and behaviors of others, except to the extent that the BDSM community has capitalized on Team Viewer as an exciting technology. ....

I specialize in cryptocurrency Domination. I accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and quite a few other digital currencies. Click here for Bitcoin slavery.