Mistress Cahndy Apple:

Height: 5'4"
Measurements: 38-34-48
Hair Style: Short, black to red -- as well as any wig imaginable
Nails: Long and natural.
Shoe Size: 8
Personal Likes: Hot yoga, EDM, Mad Max, baseball
Favorite Color: All shades of green, tiffany blue, and fuchsia

Mistress Cahndy Apple is a sensual, controlling Humiliatrix. She is constantly in flux, an amorphous Domme with an ever-changing appearance and approach. If you want fun, a fantastic time, and a tag team of Mistress Cahndy's buxom beauty and Madame Rax's brutish beast.

Madame Krysis:

Height: 6'1"
Bust: 48C
Hair Style: Long and Blonde with dyed streaks
Shoe Size: 13w
Personal likes: Gibson guitars, antique silver coins, digital cameras
Favorite Color: Dark purple, crimson/black combo

Madame Krysis specializes in mind fuckery of the highest order, and manipulating or overpowering submissives into impressing Her.