True Life: I Have a Domestic Slave

Posted by Madame Rax on Sunday, January 6, 2019 Under: Personal Interests
Okay, MTV, let's not get ahead of ourselves - I actually have two household drudges. I preside happily over these workhorse submissives; it feels like the most natural order. As I have mentioned before, I absolutely love domestic slaves. I am currently working on assembling a dream, wherein I live in a castle attended by a team of slaves plodding along like a well-oiled machine in order to free up My time to focus more on the most important work: BDSM. I call this The Castle Plan; I will be the Queen of such a scenario one day.  

During the last 14 years of her reign, Queen Victoria had an Indian "attendant" named Abdul Karim, with whom she had a respected, adoring relationship of mutual benefit. I have the same, although he prefers the term "slave." It is pleasing to both of U/us to see echoes across time. I have the beginnings of his detailed written accounts of this time with Me, which I hope to someday publish with My memoirs. First steps to the realization of The Castle Plan! If you are reading this and you have a castle? I'll take it. If you are reading this and you are a domestic drudge that revels in spending your life slaving away for a Goddess? Write to Me. 

The other aforementioned slave and I have a consent agreement that stipulates I am able to whore her out using whatever legal means available. It is a 12-page document that was signed with both ink and blood that she is bound to Me, and I dictate the terms of her life. Whore drudgery: online sex work, camming, PSO, private dances, etc. To finalize this, all pages were read out loud, discussed at length, and legitimized by witnesses. It was glorious, and My pimp juice level has never been higher. ALL GLORY TO MADAME!

Insofar as I am able to accomplish everything Myself, drudges are not technically necessary to My survival. But they are essential to My quality of life. I work quite hard, so being able to have slaves shoulder the burdens eases the difficult balancing act of all that I do. So much value is added by these lovely creatures, and of course quite a lot of trust is placed in them to come into My home and do what I ask. 

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