The Surveillance Project

Posted by Madame Rax on Saturday, July 2, 2022 Under: D/s Dynamics
With the pandemic, quite a few things went "remote." Meetings, sessions, and even medical visits have moved from the physical realm to the digital one. Due to this, there has been an increasing focus on the ability to monitor the vitals, whereabouts, activities, and physiological state of individuals. To be clear, there is no upside to losing 1M+ humans to a preventable illness - but there have been silver linings for some BDSM practitioners. And this is what we'll be trying to emphasize in such a bleak and disconnected time. Hopefully, this will bring you at least a bit of joy. Unless you don't deserve it. HA!

I am going to be collaborating with a submissive (whom I personally chose, I respect and adore him) for an experimental series that documents emergent technology being appropriated for BDSM purposes. The focus will be tracking, surveillance, control, and potentially tangentially-related activities like incentive structures, punishment, and accountability. I'll touch on being able to "wear without showing" quite a few numbers, since I'm aware that many readers would appreciate tips on being discreet. I will also break some other social conventions; I'll discuss money, politics, and how to incorporate BDSM principles in other areas of your daily life!

Madame's back, and SHE IS EXCITED. 

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