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Madame is thankful for quite a few things. Things you would expect, and things you would not. 

Some of the more strange things I am thankful for include:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey. Not because of the story, but because of the resulting effects. The mainstream public is starting to break down the walls of marginalization and stigma to be able to discuss BDSM. It gets everyone talking. It starts a conversation about a myriad of things, without too many attached horror stories: consent, D/s dynamics, abuse vs. domination. Big can of worms.

2. Dr. Brad Sagarin. For many years, I have been pioneering the practice of non-erotic, psychologically-beneficial BDSM, achieved by submissives with a female Dominant facilitator (moi). Dr. Sagarin is the pioneer of this research on the clinical side, legitimizing and galvanizing the concepts that I have been focusing on for My entire career. Bringing to the forefront his excellent research, he is interviewed by a good deal of mainstream media outlets, and he always says the best things.

3. Economics. Even a vague knowledge of supply/demand, capitalism, currency, value, and scarcity can turn a conversation from complaining that Dommes charge for their services, whether or not Domination can be a service, or why a Domme should never indulge idiots, into a productive conversation about how Dommes should be appreciated with dollars. Talk is cheap! Tribute accordingly: commensurate with benefits expected or received. 

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