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There are various ways I conduct sessions (of an online or real-time nature). They can be as high-protocol as necessary, or they can be quite low-protocol. My specific protocol is blended, mostly. Though I do have more formal lines:

Very High Protocol: Militaristic, controlled.

Default State - Silence until spoken to - when answering a question about yourself, answer in third person.
(e.g. "This slave will get no reward, acknowledged, Madame. It has been punished effectively.").
Gesture Commands - A leaflet with My preferred hand gestures and correlated slave positions will be sent.  
Default Position - Standing in the middle of the room, eyes lowered, remaining still. Hands behind the back, clasped.
My Honorific - I will be called Madame Rax. Not simply Madame. Never just "Rax."
Slave Honorific - I will call you only "slave" -- nothing further -- and you will respond without question.
Questions - Must ask for permission to inquire/speak. 

Essentially, your self-awareness will disappear completely into your preoccupation with servitude. This is a great beginner protocol for someone who feels comfortable in highly-structured atmospheres, cleans extensively or meticulously in order to reduce stress, or who relies on repetition to feel safe. 

Middle Protocol: Structured, relaxed.

Default State - Brevity, but relaxed communication.  
Gesture Commands - There are only three for mid-level protocol. 
Default Position - Standing with hands at sides. 
My Honorific - I will be referred to as "Madame" No need for full formality.
Slave Honorific - I will call you by the first letter of your name, or perhaps a pet name. 
Questions - Free questioning is okay, excessive questions will be curtailed. 

This is a fitting option for someone who has trouble following rules without being distracted by how hard it is to maintain them. Someone who is new to submission but would like to dabble in the responsiveness of protocol. If you find yourself always trying to force yourself to follow a routine or rule set, but often failing, this is for you.

Low Protocol: Casual, public. 

Default State - Genial and low-key. Free speech and no fear of being disciplined for failure. General chivalry is observed, if preferred.  
Gesture Commands - There are no gesture commands, other than societally-accepted ones. 
Default Position - Casual and completely unregulated.
My Honorific - It is fine to call Me "Rax."
Slave Honorific - I will call you by your given name.   
Questions - Asked freely and without fear of punishment.

Low protocol situations are generally found in only a few instances. If you are taking Me to dinner or some sort of public event and there is a need for discretion, when I am taking Q&A time after a session, and when I encounter you in public unexpectedly. During these times, I will default (and expect you to default as well) to a gentlemanly version of this low-level and unceremonious interaction. Perhaps open doors for Me, pull out My chair, and the like - but nothing that can be acknowledged as D/s by the general public.  

There is, of course, a blended and modular nature to these protocols; I am not walking along rigid lines in their implementation unless that is beneficial. However, I think it is important to establish that I have experience in establishing and enforcing these various protocols, despite not being as "Old Guard" as some pretend! 

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