Praise for Well-Behaved Submissive Men.

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It is with a dichotomy that We in the Pro-Domme sphere regard men:

On the one hand, our biggest flakes, most disgusting situations, worst scenes, and godawful experiences are with men.

On the other hand, our biggest fans, most wonderful situations, best scenes, and ecstatic experiences are with men.

A horrible "slave" is a wanna-be, big talker/no action douchebag, a loser of the highest order (whose dick size I won't even give them the satisfaction of addressing), and I've seen accounts of violent stalkers, out-ers, perpetrators of assault, threatening idiots, and other nonsense. I have had quite a bit of luck in the past ten years, Myself - I can count on one hand the number of times I've been so disgusted by a situation I've kicked a slave out of My session. And I don't receive threats or anything else, on the regular. If I did, I would probably address the situation so hard and so publicly (plus I have a wicked terrifying support system to call upon) that they would never leave the primordial slime from which they crawled in the first place. On the "better" end of the shit spectrum, we have these folks: wailing manbabies with terrible excuses for their ridiculous behavior, ones who see they make all of their own problems, who just use BDSM as a band-aid rather than a tool for growth, and who focus almost exclusively on themselves. Gross. 

A good slave is an obedient, appreciative, wonderful being; one with a good amount of pre-existing self-discipline, a sense of duty, and a fastidious nature. They delight in My pleasure, but also their own growth. Whenever I experience a moron slave wanna-be I think to Myself, "you know, if only they knew the sort of slave I deal with on the regular. Then they would feel embarrassed about their own behavior and realize how LITTLE I care about handling an idiot." And then there's a tier higher than this...

An EXCELLENT slave is one who regards Me in the highest honor. Who, like a very adoring boyfriend, would move mountains to please Me. If I mention I want something, he will take great care in finding that thing and gifting it to Me. If I mention I'm having trouble will listen and respond thoughtfully, supportively, and with consideration. This slave will suggest enriching My life in any way possible: book recommendations, places to visit, restaurants to attend, events in the scene. It is with this sort of slave, exclusively, that I have more of a heartfelt, mutually appreciative bond with, whom I will guide from My heart rather than My head (not that there's much of an appreciable difference in output, since I am a professional first and foremost), and whom I will treat preferentially and adore. Groom them like a sweet laboratory animal, on which I will lovingly test all of My new inventions and ideas. 

In a study conducted by Kathryn Klement (with some involvement of My oft-mentioned Dr. Brad Sagarin), Participating in a Culture of Consent May Be Associated With Lower Rape-Supportive Beliefs. Submissive men (who are often more likely to experience sexism in BDSM than to be the target) are painted as weak, disgusting, puddles of useless filth than Dominant women, and I find that heinous. It takes extraordinary bravery to own your submission, and when it is done tactfully, elegantly, and respectfully seeking out the services of a Professional Dominatrix, I can think of nothing I adore more on the planet. I may be married to a vanilla person, but I am also married to My loyal, sweet, humble slaves who contribute great things to My life. The Sadist in Me craves the complimentary opposite masochist in you. And My love languages are many, varied, and primarily sacrifice-oriented. 

As a kid I always appreciated the characters who had lavish lives. Those who were showered with gifts and luxury. When their surrounding cast would go to great lengths just to please their every whim. At the same time, I was cognizant that there was no lap of luxury without the beautiful creatures who surrounded them in that environment. Sure, I could sit on a gold throne, alone, looking down on the world from a television, but I'd much rather have the warmth of a human with a freshly beaten ass to act as My furniture or ashtray. There are few things in life I consider more joyful for Me to envision, or to be a part of. 

And so it is with appreciation that I tell the good and especially EXCELLENT slaves: I bear witness to your growth. I follow you in your struggle. I will dole out harsh words if I find you are abusing My auxiliary body, "yours" that I have ownership of, and will caress it after I bring it to a painful rapture. I appreciate the yin to My yang, and will forevermore be delighted of your existence, dedicating so much of Myself to making it the Best, Strongest, Most Owned, Most Submissive vessel it can be.  

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