On Bad Behavior of Submissives Who Seek Pro-Dommes.

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Due to the nature of My specific type of BDSM practice, I am woefully disgusted by many things that Dommes endure. When I see reviews of other Dommes using language intended for self-described "whoremonger" review sites. Within the sites that contain testimonials about fellow Dommes in My area, it is not uncommon to see descriptions of body parts or types written as a butcher would describe cuts of their slaughter. For women who don't mind this level of objectification (mind you, I use that term very specifically, not just to describe an overall sexual spark into which most of us fall), this sort of detached checklisting can be appropriate, or even desirable. I am also repulsed by the sort of "slaves" that are full of ridiculous claims or desires, who become violent as soon as they're (rightfully) rejected. Even still, there are slaves who feel entitled to whatever they want from a Domme, because they're paying for it. In each case, these idiots would be more useful as a grease spot on a major expressway. For Dommes who are generally used to being treated as living Goddesses, being exposed to this level of treatment is horrendous. We are aware that for most of you, this is fantasy. But at times, between a slave approaching a Domme and how they end up, includes an annoying disparity. 

Critics: They write reviews like "she was hot. 9/10, good tits, little lacking in the ass department. She'll be prude with a strap-on at first but she can be convinced if you seem sad enough. Her skin is a little too warm, but she's good for when Mistress XYZ is gone." First of all, this doesn't contain any information about BDSM. If you are hell-bent on a completely erotic experience, complete with sexual gratification, you're best visiting an escort who specializes. The rest of us don't care to entertain this sort of annoyance. 

Sour Grapes: They start off with groveling, begging, worship, and clearly delusional wants or desires. As soon as a Domme (no matter how politely) turns down an offer or rejects a ridiculous proposal, this creature morphs into a violent little bastard, full of rape threats or wishes for death. At worst, they become a stalker or a violent attacker. For most, they just remain impotent, in their mother's basement, screaming into the void (also known as "the internet"). Either way, they're unpleasant and disgusting. The best thing to be done about these men already occurs: they should be blacklisted and firmly ousted at every angle from the BDSM community. Don't do business with them, don't go to lunch with them, don't accept their gifts. 

Worms: These are the types of slaves who want to delve into your personal life. Not acceptable. I keep My personal life private. Some slaves do know about My time outside of the dungeon, and I hang out when them on occasion. It is not because My family is somehow unaware of My career (they all know, and have since the beginning), it is simply because there are some facets of My life I wish to keep private. Delving into questions about whether you have a boyfriend or if you're a lesbian, whether or not "your pussy throbs" when you _______, if he can get a free session so you can "do more." They never seem to understand how unoriginal, ridiculous, and frankly annoying these attempts are.

Flakes: No-call, no-shows. In Chicago, and beyond, there are rigorous blacklists which contain the name, number, and other identifying factors of any slave who no-call, no shows a Pro-Domme. This drastically reduces (but might not entirely eliminate, if a Domme isn't meticulous enough about checking) the number of Pros who will accept your session requests.

Honorable mention:

Paranoid Practitioner: Not exactly sure why, since this always works the other way around, but I do occasionally get slaves who, at the start of a session, seem very squirrely. When I inquire as to their problem, they sheepishly ask, "you're... you're not a cop, are you?" That's incredibly laughable. Within the Domme community of Chicago alone, there are dungeon raids, arrests, and more - and they're all focused on the Dommes. NOT the slaves. I'm not sure why this is a question. But really, it's not a thing. 

In conclusion, this is why I do not participate in several practices that other Dommes might. I don't put up reviews or testimonials. If you're wondering how I conduct Myself during sessions, there are videos. If you're concerned that I won't "do enough" in a sexual fashion, I am NOT the Domme you should be seeking. I block liberally. I report threats to the police. If you are not interested on being on your absolute best behavior with Me, you will pay, and not in a sexy, fun, Dominatrix way.

So, that said, I am interested in slaves who:

Communicate, act responsibly, answer emails, show up, behave, do what they're told, follow My orders, bring anything I require for a session, book 24 hours in advance, will be honest about their personal information, are willing to please, and have strong, goal-oriented, and precise personalities. 


I am particularly interested in slaves who: 

Bring small gifts or tokens of appreciation to sessions, offer to go above and beyond what they're asked, purchase wishlist items, refuse to exhibit unsightly behavior, answer difficult questions enthusiastically, bring up problematic things if they arise (in a calm fashion), and know themselves pretty well. 

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