Not a Prostitute.

Posted by Madame Rax on Thursday, March 6, 2014 Under: D/s Dynamics
Anyone who knows Me will vouch for the fact that I am very much an advocate for prostitutes. I work diligently in several ways to try to point out inconsistencies in the law and practice, have written several very public pieces about the problems that arise from the criminalization of prostitution, and that I'm still actively trying to get sex work included in the NCSF's statements - because sexual freedom doesn't stop at kink - the freedom to SELL sex is a sexual freedom issue.

That said: I am not a prostitute.

I am generally not concerned with My slave's orgasms in sessions. I do not allow any sort of sexual pleasuring of My body - because it is a private, intimate, atheist-version-of-holy-temple. I am not there for your sexual gratification, nor My own. I am there to achieve a level of therapeutic subspace that can bring you to another level as a human being. Orgasms are thrilling, and all, but I want the effects of My BDSM sessions to extend much longer than the dumped load that distracted you from the real purpose: self-actualization. A fulfillment, an incredibly journey, an aid in shaping and molding you.

If you have a deep-rooted fear, I can help in breaking it. If a specifically-constructed session can ease your extreme anxiety or tension, I am interested in facilitating it. If you have high blood pressure, health issues, self-destructive behaviors, I take control and bring your progress to the forefront. If you have a past traumatic scenario that you feel compelled to psychologically re-live, I can run with that. If you feel determined to externalize bad learned behaviors such as self-loathing or racism, I bring that out so it can be crushed. I am not a doctor, though I've helped submissives in droves over a span of almost a decade. I've taken classes, I've read the books, I've pored over the studies, I've done the math. If there were a Masters in BDSM, I'd have earned it - I am passionate about these experiences. These slaves. YOU.

However: if you are trying to book a session with Me on the basis of a hard dick and a simple desire for orgasm? Book a session with a prostitute who can provide a BDSM-like experience, instead. My area of specialty does not extend to your sexual gratification. Your hand may, but Mine does not.

I appreciate your adjustment.

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