My Methodology, in points.

Posted by Madame Rax on Thursday, February 18, 2016
The first step is reviewing My website. It is full of information about Me, My thoughts and evil-doing, and the method to My madness. There are all sorts of links, videos, and other tidbits on there. Learn it, absorb it, feel it, attach to it, live it. If you approach Me, show your preparedness: I am not going to engage in small talk and nonsense. If I were to cater to every slave I’d be in the hole, rather than the black. And I revel in the black.

The second step is filling out any appropriate forms, which you’ll find if you followed step one. Send along required Tribute for administrative effort on My part, and the intensive begins.

The intensive is a three day process:

Day 1 - I will gain access to your computer via TeamViewer or AnyDesk, and require that you fill out very detailed personal habit and preference surveys. Every inch is covered: family history of diseases, what sorts of television you enjoy, etc. The only thing left out are sexual habits, which I will ask about but not linger on - as I may just require chastity, since I have no personal interest in your penis or penile usage. After I exact that sort of information, I will learn your banking information, financial information including debts and loans, and learn about your income. This process is monumentally exciting for some, terribly excruciating for others. your self-control will be called into question. A tracking application will be added to your phone, which will track your movements, calls taken, cell contacts, text messages, and website usage. I will make you available to Me as often as agreed upon. Terms are negotiable-ish. But there are some things where I will not budge.

Day 2 - I will start to make changes to your daily life, requiring you to go above and beyond your normal slob routine. If you are more motivated than the average male, your ass will be kick-started into hyperdrive. I will push you. And you may fall. But I will pick you up and continue pushing. I will require you to get a dedicated email address and password (which of course I will be able to access), and sign up for various organizational and productivity websites. This will be tedious for the lazier of you.

Day 3 - I will benefit from everything gained - including the financial information. I will implement a strict budget, other monitoring measures if I think you’re lying to Me, and allocate funds for you to pay bills. As an experienced Domme, I will take the reigns, and you will experience both liberation and happiness in being released from your self-controlled prison. The finances will be kept in check, and you will be given other ways to earn money. I’ll pimp you in every way legal and possible.

Thereafter - you will adhere to a routine of My choosing, with your own input. I will tell you the when-where-why-how of your life, and this will require only minimal input from you, in the form of your necessary tasks (e.g. visit Mother on Sundays, pick up laundry from the cleaners on Tuesday, etc). Interactions with others will be monitored as well, and I will keep you on the shortest leash. you, are Mine.

This will all be done with My benefit in mind. I am your Goddess, your lifeblood, and you will give yourself to Me in every way you are able. And even beyond what you considered possible. My ownership is absolute, and until I release you, or you pay the entire buy-out to obtain your previous state of self-slavery, you will remain in My possession: doing what I say, buying what I like, anticipating My needs, eating what I tell you, going where I require. Mine. 

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