My list of kinks and fetishes.

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Here are a few of My favorite things, annotated:

Caging and chastity are some of the most effective methods of control, for Me. I find that, especially with slaves who are very concerned with their little heads, rendering their penis ineffective for reaching the state of mental "clarity" associated with post-orgasmic brain activity - makes them putty in My hands.

Breath control is hands-down an incredibly intense way to sharply focus someone's entire body. The fact that a human life is entirely dependent upon three tiny holes in the upper third of their body taking in air... the appeal of taking that is huge. It's an immediate danger element. 

Edgeplay has a massive adoring fan base in Me. Anything that pushes the envelope, bumps the boundaries, creeps you toward the edge. Love it all, I do. 

Feminization is dear to My heart, because when I was a young one I always loved when hulky, shit-for-brains men transformed into feminines, whether it was football players doing ballet, military men crossdressing, etc. I often call Myself "femmesexual" and that simply serves as evidence that I place importance on femininity.

Foot-related anything is always a delight. Whether it's pedicures, messy feet, worship, trampling, stomping, using My feet to smother, dirty smelly feet rubbing a face... it's all wonderful.

Humiliation is an area in which I excel greatly. The more I know about a slave, the more able I am to humiliate them in specific ways. I am a very humiliating person, naturally, as a form of behavioral control - it's just how I was built. 

Interrogations are the perfect opportunity to use My fifteen years of reading about espionage and clandestine measures for getting someone to talk. The more elaborate and real, the better.

Makeup training is effortless for Me, as I am profoundly excellent at doing makeup, both regular and special effects.

Medieval torture reenactment is something I cannot even speak about without getting tingly and mouth-frothingly excited.

Obedience training is of particular importance to Me. It's an ultimate goal for all of My slaves for them to be as obedient as possible. The more trained, the more I value them. It's really that literal of a scale.

Pain is almost universally excellent. The immediacy, the inability to avoid the effects, the way it chemically alters your brain. Almost too good to be true. This is probably why I am a Sadist.

Waterboarding is a terrifying and relatively safe procedure. Especially the manner in which I execute it. And if you know Me at all, know that I love torture and will jump at any session which requests it. 

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