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In order to be an effective Dominant, I've gone through a long process of acquiring tools and honing techniques. Each one I've honed to My liking. As I always say, Dominance is getting your slave to want what YOU want... for their benefit -- and ultimately yours.

The tools I've developed for this are the following:

Logic is a tool that is most effective for convincing a slave they *need* to do something, or they'll naturally experience unwanted consequences. If they are overweight and have a chronic health problem because if it, the next step is to move forward with getting healthier. If they don't, they'll continue to deteriorate. If they are procrastinating on a project that would generate money, it's to their benefit to complete the project so they can make more money. If they don't, they'll continue to see a dwindling income. Logic is great to use when you want to remind a slave who is bogged down in brain static that they can take simple steps to improve their situation.
Exampling is a tool that is most effective for when you want to motivate a slave who is fueled by competition. If you say "slave boy 3 has improved his income for Me by taking odd jobs from Craigslist" you are exampling. This creates the narrative "well, if slave boy 3 can do it, I can do that - AND BETTER!" Be careful not to use this in an abusive way, such as, "my ex-slave did this better than you, you're garbage!" unless they specifically request that sort of treatment. Crossing that line (when you aren't asked) is being shit, not being Dominant. It's quite difficult to forge a path that hasn't been walked before because there is no example. Exampling is great to use when you want to show a slave that something is possible, if they get out of their own way.

Punishment is a tool that is most effective when a slave specifically asks for it, consents to it, and seems to grow as a result of it. Not all slaves enjoy punishment. Some are very embarrassed by it, and it causes them to become distant or even avoidant. Types of punishment vary by slave. Some take to writing lines or formal apologies, while others react with catharsis and immediate behavior correction to physical reprimand. Punishment is great to use when you want to shove a slave out of their typical routine/mode, or push them out of a rut or slump.               

Tease/Denial is a tool that is most effective when a slave has a motivation for chasing something they can't have. These are the slaves who likely say things like "they said I couldn't, so I needed to prove them wrong!" When you tease a slave with possibilities, then deny them the privilege, they'll go the extra mile to try to acquire what they want. Whether that's interaction, approval, extra treats or goodies, etc. This is not to be confused with the usage of sexuality, which will be discussed later in this writing. Tease/Denial is great to use when you want the slave to see the goal to boost them toward reaching it.

Conditioning is a tool that is most effective for using repeated exposure and behavior modeling to embed a certain thought or action into a slave without using the other methods. It is forming habits, immersing the slave in a certain culture, or repeatedly using the same instruction or impetus to prompt them to do a particular thing. If your slave hears "All Glory to Madame" enough, it becomes their mantra and they internalize it. Once something is internalized, it is quite difficult to shake, as this is how habits are formed (which we know are difficult to break). Conditioning is great to use when a slave is comforted by repetition and subtle transformation because they need comfort when they grow.

Sexuality is a tool that is most effective for slaves who are motivated by their genitals and sexual attention. These are the slaves who say things like "I'd do ANYTHING to get Madame Rax's attention. She is so beautiful." When a slave is obviously trying to make more money to impress a Dominant, (in male conditioned people) that is usually an indicator that they're motivated by sexual prospects and attention. Sexuality is great to use when a slave seems to think with "their little head" more than their big one, and throw caution to the wind when it comes to their fetishes.

Force is a tool that is most effective for slaves who don't take small hints. Those who need to be backed into a very tight spot in order to move. They're the ones who allude to getting "in over their head" or use other idioms that involve being coerced through an overwhelming situation that presents only one option. Ensure that you DO NOT use this tool without prior consent. Force upon an unwilling participant is ABUSE. Blackmail is often an exciting proposition to these sorts of slaves. Force is great to use when a slave doesn't respond optimally to the other tools.

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