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There are quite a few unique types of sessions that I've pioneered over the years, and I will share a few now:

1. Bad Girlfriend Sessions: I developed this type of session approximately seven years ago. In a public setting (such as a mall, outlet center, or set of stores), I drag you around, being bossy and pushy (though not too over-the-top if discretion is a must), and do demeaning, nasty things to you. I berate you, have you count every dollar out loud that you give to a cashier, require that you ask Me if you've spent enough on Me, expect that you hold ALL of My bags, and generally push you through this type of session until the previously-expected dollar cap is met. I may demand to be hand-fed, I have been known to engage in distance-cuckoldry over the phone (simultaneously), and I love every minute of it. It reads as a performance art or a really Bad Girlfriend to the average onlooker, and it is always humiliating and exhilarating to the slave. Thought-provoking and intense, for all involved. Every one of these sessions is custom built.

2. Extravaganza Sessions: I will meet with you. Tribute is offered. If I decide to take it, I will have an event in mind (e.g. fetish ball, gallery opening, opera, theatre show, burlesque revue, etc), and I will attend with you as My slave. Though it may not be explicitly stated, everyone will know and pass judgment about you toiling away and pining for Me. It will be frightening, and potentially very risky. It will get your anxiety-ridden ass off the couch and into humanity, where you will lose a bit of your fear in the control of the Goddess.

3.  Terminator Drain: I will go down the list of gift cards, wishlist items, merchant websites, and various other forms of payment, and slowly drain an exact amount of money from you. Whether it's $200, $500, $1,000, or $2,000 - I will get down to every last cent over the course of a few hours. Transfixed, you will watch it all happen via TeamViewer and any other way I deem appropriate. This is probably a nightmare for you, but I will guide you through it so you come out stronger.

More will be added over time.

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