Madame's Brutal Beatdowns and the science of torture.

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In an article on, a shocking headline meets the eye: "Beating addiction out of you - literally." This article goes on to explain the unorthodox method used by Dr. German Pilipenko and his fellow practitioner Professor Marina Chukhrova to help their clients modify addictive behaviors. They use cane therapy to "beat" the addiction out of their clients via the production of endorphins, as well as the reaching of "subspace," etc. Several testimonials and glowing reviews follow, as well as some quotes to mitigate the perception that Dr. Pilipenko is a Dominant or sadist. Kicking heroin habits, dropping alcoholism, and other successes arise from the implementation of this therapy. There is also a mention of a Dominatrix: one of the clients tells the story of how his girlfriend suspected him of visiting a dungeon because of the physical marks left from the session. Dr. Pilipenko also utilizes hypnotherapy and psychotherapy as well, so Dr. Mark Griffiths (one of My favorite humans) notes that it is not conclusive as to whether or not the caning is therapeutically successful in and of itself. 

Conventional doctors in Russia are openly skeptical and even dismissive of this method, advocating other ways of stimulating endorphin secretion: exercise, acupuncture, and massage. In My personal (albeit anecdotal) experience, some sorts of people simply prefer the rod to the spoils of relaxing massages. I have implemented bastinado (sole-of-feet whipping), flogging, paddling (large and long wooden paddles with air flow holes), and of course caning - with a great amount of reported success from submissives. Creating a very painful, precisely controlled traumatic event with skillful implementation of torture can be an extremely cathartic, important experience in the life of someone who has a great amount of difficulty sustaining happiness and addiction-free behavior. I am not a doctor, however, I do see positive changes and benefits received by a myriad of clients! And unlike the doctors described above, I am very much a sadist, and I delight in these brutal scenes.  

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