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Posted by Madame Rax on Sunday, December 6, 2015 Under: Sessioning
There are a few things you need to know, regarding a session with Me.

First, never understate any of your experience. Don't exaggerate either, but it is especially important that you state how much experience you have, in a direct fashion (so I know). Otherwise, I will conduct the session at an introductory-ish level of intensity, rather than pushing and stretching your limits. The goal is to meet and exceed your level. 

Second, sessions act as a barometer for your niche in BDSM. There will always be room to grow, but it is integral to find your identity. Let My professional help aid you in your journey. Exploration and establishing are necessary.

Third, do not be afraid to do two things: get into it on a serious level (allowing yourself to be hypnotically focused), and "beg" to change the course of the session if you are unable to get deeply into the activity at hand.  

Taking into account each of these things will guarantee an excellent time with Me or most professionals. Even if you cannot session with Me, it is important that you follow these instructions. 

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