Posted by Madame Rax on Sunday, November 17, 2019 Under: D/s Dynamics
If you regale Me with stories of extreme sessions, I expect you to have extreme endurance.
If you don't perform extremely, I assume you are simply talking.

If you say you want an extreme transformation, I expect you'll excel at every task I give along the way.
If you don't perform to the best of your ability, I assume you don't have much.

If you can trust any past Dominants with your life, I expect you'll trust Me when I push you towards the finish line.
If you don't perform in a way that suggests trust, I assume it's lacking. 

If you can exhibit self-discipline in any area of existence, I expect you'll be able to regulate your emotions.
If you don't uphold social standards, I assume you're not worthwhile.  

If, if, if. 

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