I am not a persona.

Posted by Madame Rax on Friday, December 25, 2015 Under: Personal Interests
In the most vanilla facets of My life -- the mundane experiences any (even Divine) creature among mortals has to face -- I am still extreme.

My favorite things are extremely invasive: the more I know you, your secrets, the things nobody in your life sees except maybe a priest, shrink, best friend, or lover - the better. Even with friends, this is My preference.

Browsing financial transactions, presenting Myself with things straight from the gift-horse, feeling around in your income/debt, deciding exactly what you're going to do with those. Removing the shroud of responsibility for the things you usually have to consider. Taking on that burden, I love that.

I also like to watch: I'm an extreme voyeur. So surveillance is definitely attractive.

Even in My everyday life, I prefer to be worshiped, sacrificed for, and attended to... in every waking moment. I am not the sort who is "creeped out" by the intensity of obsession that a potential slave has for Me. I love that craving. To reach deep into a slave and create a madness: the kind of manic state that has singularly touched the best art and innovation. I am the driving force. The muse. And I have always preferred that role. 

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