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I was asked about how I conduct My finslaves' lives and experiences, vis-a-vis micromanagement and methods. Here was My response:

I micromanage every facet a slave is comfortable relinquishing control of, and usually quite a deal more than that. On the lighter side, I will use budgets and allowances; keeping reigns on your spending habits, and deciding how your paycheck is allocated. On the heavier side, I use tracking programs, surveillance, and keep passwords, records, and collateral. Lighter is usually less severe and more lighthearted play, though punishments are easily doled out - and heavier errs on the side of torturous, with elements of blackmail and ruination. The goal is a transformation of sorts, changing your daily habits, inculcating you with an renewed sense of self, in submission. 

Things I Do or Have Done:

Salary Slavery - Required pay stubs for a recent period of 30 days and anonymously verified employment, I've kept track of how money was spent. Changing around spending, I've restricted diets or reduced entertainment spending in order to provide a surplus, most of which was used for My pleasure. This slavery may include bank statements, financial information, and other proofs. This sort of easy slavery is ideal for single slaves, or those with whom a checking account isn't joint. Or, if one makes most of the financial decisions and a significant other doesn't attend to the account.

Assignment Slavery - Doled out assignments for those with free time. Fitness or weight loss goals required the purchase of a scale or gym membership, a change in diet, and reduction in sedentary activities overall. CD/TV transformation involved purchasing opposite-sex clothing, makeup, watching tutorials, and executing perfunctory gendered tasks, such as joining a fashion-based stylization website wherein "looks" were created to try. I arranged for professional consultancies and voice artists to aid in the progress. Small tasks were also considered, often with writing assignments to reflect on their usefulness. 

Personal Debt Slavery - There are two sides to this type of slavery. The first is entirely beneficial, paying back all debts owed to people with whom you've interacted, in life. This may include donating to charities on their behalf if they are no longer alive, or known. Sending gifts and money to those from whom you've benefited greatly, either financially or psychologically. The other side of this slavery involves going into debt, either to provide a strong incentive to make upwardly mobile your income (and for My benefit), or to take a risk that will jump-start a "dream" or fantasy that requires the use of capitalism -  to start a business or go on an important journey. 

Financial Training - Requiring receipts or instances of every transaction, this involves analyzing and reflecting upon the importance of each financial choice. Unnecessary instances of spending are cut, unwise investments are retracted, and useless dollars spent are regained when possible. At first, this benefits only Madame, but after a while may spill over into your favor. Do you have a subscription you never use? It's gone now, without hesitation. $35/month is saved, and I receive a new gift from the hands of My mail slave, on your behalf.

++ And now for the harder things... ++

Surveillance - Using sophisticated software and other tools at My disposal, I've tracked every location, text message, phone call, and website surfed from slaves' cell phones. Using PCs with freshly installed surveillance programs, I've silently watched a slave to observe their web surfing activity, company emails, classified personal information, and even pornography habits. I've also provided beneficial consultant services, suggesting carefully selected gift ideas for relatives and friends - or controlled something as simple as a Netflix queue. My grip is never too big, nor too small. On the big side, I've remotely chosen security system companies to install and record everything that goes on in public areas of a slave's home, all of which I monitored from My cell phone. I've also controlled web cameras and other smaller tracking systems. Keyloggers and spyware are among My favorite things, as basics. 

Blackmail - Keeping meticulous financial records and personal information, with your consent, I push boundaries and aid in establishing new heights of kink. In this method, I have done everything from rooting through Facebook pages to identify friends and relatives, poring over messages to exact personal information - all the way to aggressive "bill collector" methods, which involve acquiring information from people the slave may know (without directly involving them in the D/s dynamic). Once I've had enough information, I was always able to find more - and use it to get what I want.

Total Financial Control - This is perpetually the heaviest of all types of FinDom. I control literally every aspect of your currency - making all financial decisions, choosing every single thing that is done with your income. Decide what to keep, sell, or how to "pimp out" My slave. I choose clothing, whereabouts, work options (changed at My will), grooming, free time, family time, the presence or absence of a side job, how much comfort to sacrifice, and how I was the beneficiary. I am the slave's life. And for a select few, I continue, even now, to be.

In conclusion, there are so many types of finslavery that I organize and enact, so to ask about what "kind" of things I "do" is rather shortsighted. As you can see, there is a huge spectrum, and few of these are binary or exclusive in their entirety. Light is fun, heavy is delicious. But at the end of the day, I am better for it, and you will be too. Eventually, absolutely.

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