Cardinal Sins of Submission

Posted by Madame Rax on Friday, January 8, 2016 Under: D/s Dynamics
There are quite a few things I've noticed that submissives will do wrong, that Dommes will tolerate. It is time that Dommes stop tolerating this nonsense:

1. Time-Wasting - If you want to speak to a Domme, remunerate Her for Her time. $20-$50 is appropriate for most Dommes. If you are not prepared to do this, talk to an amateur (who may be a man hiding behind a computer screen, for all you know). A Domme is not the place to have fantasy-life diarrhea. She is valuable and has a good amount of insight that you will NEVER attain (since you aren't a Female Dominant). It is ridiculous to monopolize Her time without compensation. Think of all communication with a Domme as a consultation. Otherwise, don't contact a Domme. Perhaps write out a scene and send it to 300 Dommes, one of which may take pity on you and read it. The rest of Us don't care, if you don't incentivize Our attention.

2. Fantasy Speculation but NOT Intent - If you have a very strong fantasy, don't lead a Domme along and get Her entirely excited only to retract or withdraw and disappear. If you're a "sub" of words but not action, don't contact a Domme. Write erotic sub fiction, and be done with life. We don't care to wax hypothetical with you. The most kinky thing you can think of? The best of us have already topped it, in real life. The pretend-web you weave is boring.

3. Lies - We know that every single one of you has the underlying desire to lie to Us. All of you want to sound better, stronger, faster, and kinkier on paper than what you've done in life. The caveat is that Dommes will take it with a grain of salt and actually believe you have the capability to be this person you've stated - since We've likely had D/s dynamics with people who are better than you - and have lived incredibly kinky lives. So, strive for honesty: if you haven't done something, then say it's a wish, if it is. If you're just waxing hypothetical, do that on your own time.

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