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Posted by Madame Rax on Friday, February 26, 2016, In : D/s Dynamics 
There are few things more enraging for a Domme than avoidance. Many manifestations of this frustrating behavior are apparent in the Pro-Domme world:
  • refusing to leave a deposit or other required component of sessioning
  • flaking out, no-call/no-show, complete disregard for communication
  • not Tributing a proper, required, or pre-determined amount 
  • not returning phone calls or emails for more information
  • ignoring a Domme's repeated and consistent wishes
  • refusing to give personal information when require...

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My Methodology, in points.

Posted by Madame Rax on Thursday, February 18, 2016,
The first step is reviewing My website. It is full of information about Me, My thoughts and evil-doing, and the method to My madness. There are all sorts of links, videos, and other tidbits on there. Learn it, absorb it, feel it, attach to it, live it. If you approach Me, show your preparedness: I am not going to engage in small talk and nonsense. If I were to cater to every slave I’d be in the hole, rather than the black. And I revel in the black.

The second step is filling out any appropri...

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Posted by Madame Rax on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, In : Rehabilitation 
"It’s nothing as trite as a bucket list.  When you reach a certain age you start thinking about the future, regrets if any, things you would have to leave in a problematic state if you suddenly passed.  I do not have much time left.
Twenty five years ago I did something incredibly foolish.  It was impulsive, non-violent, sexually-motivated, selfish.  It inconvenienced a woman, violated her space, and I regretted it almost immediately.  And for the next twenty-five years.  I’ve tried getti...

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