You will find NO other Domme like Me.

As Seen on Reddit IAmA. Lover's Playground Toy Reviewer, VICE Documentary Series "Cash Slaves," formerly AllExperts in the topic BDSM. 

Bio: Birthed as a Professional Dominatrix in 2005, Madame Rax has specialized in edge play, rare and bizarre fetishes, and things you may only experience in nightmares. Her sessions range from introductory humiliation sessions with enforced eye contact restrictions and corner time, all the way to purely evil brutality, high-impact/no-mercy beatdowns. She uses highly structured and skillfully administered control and pain to bring Her slaves/subs ever-closer to subspace and beyond. 

She got her start in young childhood, torturing and terrifying her friends and dolls, specializing in near-sociopath behaviors. Later on, as She reached the age of majority, began to practice BDSM with partners in a more intimate manner. Eventually She realized that She could monetize Her wicked delights, and became a Professional. Her last same-sex relationship lasted for many years, and was of a D/s nature. She surrounds Herself with literature, films, and other educational materials about the D/s lifestyle. She writes about BDSM extensively, and is always looking for opportunities to voice Her agenda (press kit here).

Confidentiality: She goes to extreme measures to protect the privacy of Her clients. Her client lists and information are encrypted, and under no circumstances does She disclose information to law enforcement, government employees, or gossip rags (tabloids). She is a firm believer in the right to discretion, and She is well-versed in intelligence measures and investigation practices.

Unique Approach: She has pioneered the "Bad Girlfriend" session, was the World's First Bitcoin Dominatrix (with a 24/7), and can implement drastic surveillance measures for distance Domination. 

Finer Points: Multilingual, cultured, hilarious.

Interests: Art, economics, psychology, anthropology, politics, encryption, espionage, international affairs, linguistics, independent film, kink, alternative sexuality, and more.

Outside of Sessions: She can hold delightful conversations, free of rhetoric and with carefully considered individual thoughts or contributions. She has encyclopedic knowledge of paraphilias, and can probably regale you with stories of quite a few of them. She also asks biting questions. She is a published author of a great deal of vanilla articles, under Her pseudonym. Her poetry and artwork have been featured on many websites across the internet. The photography She produces has been showcased on a variety of platforms. She is an excellent portrait artist, working in charcoal. She is fiercely competitive, extremely loud, incredibly in-your-face, unafraid, filthy, terrifying, and also methodical, controlled, disciplined, and punchy. Enjoying the finer things in life, She prefers to work in aesthetically pleasing areas, dine at vegetarian-oriented restaurants, meet in beautiful and inspiring cafes. Always a dichotomy, she also loves the filthiest, most wretched, dregs-magnet hellholes. Haute couture and horror-inducing. 

Entirely unique. An experience to behold. Nothing about her is canned, boxed, or typical. One-and-only: Madame Rax.