My ABDL sessions are:

  • of the non-sexual variety
  • include any and all baby services (diaper changes as well)
  • are available in a professionally stocked dungeon or in the privacy of your home.
  • can be as intense or delightful as you'd like.
  • can include punishment or refrain from it.
  • The session is generally $250/hour but for a new baby, I'll accept a Tribute of $200/hr ($300 for 2 hours).

I am able to accommodate all sorts of requests, and I have a few baby outfits, diapers, etc. My sessions may include toys, books, sing-alongs, music, crafts, or even special scenes where W/we specifically explore your particular fantasy world. I have an LDR personal ABDL who is currently in Georgia, and I adore him - so I am well-versed at being a Mommy. I also run a Tumblr for Dark littles, and I am active on some ABDL boards on Fetlife. After a pro session, it is always possible to have a photo shoot at the Tykables store in Mt. Prospect, which has an AB crib and a ball pit. :)

Non-Erotic Ageplay for Psychological Value (even in vanilla folks)
My Dark littles Tumblr page.