- The Drudge Report -

Only Madame had the keys to the appointment, so She opened the door and ordered me to lock the door once we entered. We end up the wooden stairs, with Madame in front and me following behind Her. Her boots were making thumping sound with every step she made on the stairs. After reaching the top, i took off my shoes and socks and placed it on the shoe-rack; Madame chose to wear them. slaves are ideally placed bare-footed while doing drudges while boots and shoes are luxury showing elegance of the Dominant Madame.

Upon entering the living room of Madame’s house, she asked me to place my backpack on a corner in the floor, then remove my coat and remove Madame’s coat as well and place it on the coat rack. i obeyed as She said and did the same. Removing Madame’s coat was such a great feeling: i felt a medieval slave serving a Princess upon returning home. After that Madame asked me if there is anything that i need to talk to her about my limits, health issues etc., which i did not have any as i came mentally prepared to be Her slave and obey whatever She commands. i also did not have any health issues that i was aware of at that moment. i had purchased some food items for Madame; with Madame’s permission i kept in the refrigerator as they needed to be stored in a cool place.


Now was the initiation phase, where Madame ordered me to take my shirt off. i didn’t know what was coming but she asked me to only take my shirt off. i was now in wearing my undershirt while Madame was elegantly dressed along with her stunning boots: that gave me a very realistic feeling of servant status serving; only undershirts are typically the attire of servants and beggars, i generated same feelings and felt even more subservient to her elegance. i came wearing my best shirt in the closet and She stripped me to undershirt to show where i actually belong. i was wearing a tight jean: i requested Madame if i could wear my shorts while doing the drudgeries as it would be more comfortable. She permitted me to do so. i was running to the bathroom to change, but She said i can change right there in front of Her as there was nobody else in the room. slaves do not have any valuable bodily parts to hide in front of Dominant Madame. So i changed and now was in my undershirts and shorts. Madame then showed me a spot in the center of the living room for me to kneel down; once i knelt Madame came and stood towering in front of me, looking down on me. i almost joined my hands in praying position in that particular environment. Madame had all the cleaning supplies needed lined up in front of me that formed like a wall separating me at the kneeling position and Madame: it again kind of denoted my place, that i am nothing more than a drudge to Madame and the boundary marks the separation. Madame then quickly labeled what was in each of the cleaning bottles which was too fast for my small brain; i thought i would learn as i clean. Madame also gave me a plastic wrap for disposing waste as i cleaned and also a tissue for mopping. Madame then gifted me cleaning scrub standing tall while i was kneeling in front of Her, i received it with both my hands as a sign of submission. She then ordered me to start work by beginning with living room and dining room first. The rooms were in a total mess, thanks to a house-party that Madame had the previous day and Madame had left it all for the slave to clean as Her time is too precious to spend on these menial tasks.

Drudgery begins: Phase I

Once i was ordered to start, i immediately started without wasting time. Madame went to relax on Her comfy couch. Madame sat elegantly, sitting cross legged on her thigh high boots, reading her book and occasionally engaging with her phone watching me intermittently monitoring if the cleaning is upto Her high standards.

My initial task was to pick up reasonably sized trash lying on the floor. There were lots of thermocols, paper bits, and after-party trash on the floor and underneath the sofa. i crawled around on my knees to hand pick these bits that are harder to be sucked by a vacuum pump. There were also some lose hairs and cobwebs as well on the floor by the corners that i picked. Half-way through the process, Madame quickly went to the kitchen area to pick something. Her boots were thumping against the hardwood floor as she walked; my poor knees hurted hearing it and i was on my knees still picking the trash off the floor. While Madame, was on Her way back i stopped cleaning as she walked as i did not want my back facing Her while she walked past me, if She needed to order or talk something to me. i was on my knees waiting for Madame to pass before resuming cleaning. To my surprise Madame stopped next to me; to be honest, i was a bit nervous as i did not know what was coming; Madame gently patted my head like her pet animal couple of times and went back to sit on Her comfy couch; i felt good as i felt appreciated and also gave me a sense of protection under Her. i went onto complete the handpicking task after which i asked Madame on her opinion about the final outcome. Madame pointed two or three bits that i missed and i proceeded to pick those.

Once Madame was satisfied, my next task was to vacuum so that the smaller bits that was harder to handpick could be cleared from the floor. i started with a handheld vacuum while Madame continued staying busy with Her book and mobile phone. The handheld vacuum was pretty good at accessing narrow corners and underneath the sofa, however the process was extremely slow. i was vacuuming for around 10 or 15 minutes around the TV stand next to the couch Madame was sitting. My small brain was good only for repetitive task. Madame’s sharp brain quickly noticed it was highly inefficient and She ordered me to use a proper floor vacuum instead for an initial quick run. Boy that made a lot of difference! i was much quicker now and could quickly finish off the living. Madame was kind enough to place her boots on the couch when i worked on the floor beneath Her; honestly i would not have minded if Madame totally ignored me and continued to sit whichever way She was, cross-legged and otherwise, and let it on me to figure out to work around Her boots ;). Once i covered the area with the floor vacuum, i used the handheld vacuum to get the narrow corners, sofas etc. where floor vacuum was hard to reach. In between that the floor vacuum accidentally dropped as i had careless placed it upright. The trash jar got separated and the floor was filled with filth. i immediately looked at Madame; i thought i was going get a few slaps now as punishment for my carelessness. Instead Madame asked me to fetch that cleaner. i tried fixing it but could not; fortunately, Madame quickly figured it out. Once again, i followed the protocol of getting Madame’s approval of Her satisfaction. Madame wanted me to pull the sofas and vacuum underneath as well. i followed Her orders and completed the task to Her standards. Next i proceeded to the dining room and repeated the same. Once again Madame asked me to pull out all the dining chairs and redo the floor. i obeyed just as instructed.

Now that Madame was happy with my vacuuming, my next task was to clean the windows using a glass cleaning solution and tissue papers. i was already sweating a lot; i did notice a drip of my sweat fell on the floor from my forehead too; Madame also quickly noticed it and told me that “Oh you are sweating already”; i kind of felt satisfied hearing that because of two reasons: a) Madame noticed that i am working pretty hard for Her, b) i was sweating increasing the elegance of Madame who was doing white collar task of reading book etc. while i take care of the dirty job. Once again, i was on kneeling position and Madame was standing next to me as She had gone near the kitchen area for some reason. On Her way back, Madame came to me similar to the first time and patted my head; this time Madame pressed my head downwards close to Her boots; when i almost kissed Her boots. She let me there for a couple of seconds after which She stepped backwards. i gently raised my head and Madame asked me to continue working- it might have been a gentle sign of appreciation and a gentle reminder of my place in front of Madame. i proceeded to clean the windows nevertheless. Madame permitted me to use the sofa to get the top windows. i cleaned the glasses, hinges, wooden panel bordering it etc. i used both a scrub and tissue paper. Even though i worked hard, the result was not as satisfying as the floors as most of the dirt was outside and Madame ordered me not to open the windows as it is cold outside.  Madame, cheered me up telling she is still happy with my work on the limitations from being able to access only from inside. i then proceeded to clean a giant mirror in the living room. i was pretty happy with that outcome. i also cleaned the TV LCD screen.

Once all the glasses were done, Madame asked me to pop the balloons that were left-over from the house-party. Madame gave me a screwdriver sort of tool for the same. There were 7 to 8 balloons on the walls around the dining room and living room area. Madame asked me to remind Her to close Her ears every time i got a balloon to pop so that She does not have to deal with that irritating cracking sound and let the slave deal with it. i obeyed as instructed and popped all of them. i collected the elastic trash in the trash wrap.

My next task was to clean the furniture and organize the decoration supplies. i was tired by this time, through non-stop drudge and requested Madame for a break. Then came the best part. Madame kindly permitted it and asked me to sit on the floor next to Her. Madame was sitting cross-legged. She asked me to look down on the floor. After a few seconds Madame ordered me to lie down on my back with my face near her boots. Madame then lifted her boots near to my mouth and ordered me to lick the filth from the bottom of Her boots. It was the same boots that Madame used to walk towards and back from the coffee shop outside (read para 2 on how Madame stepped on garbage etc. on way back). Earlier while cleaning when Madame had her boots on the couch, i had already noticed how filthy the soles of Her boots were. i was having a great time licking the soles clean; i made sure my tongue made proper contact and was properly lubricated to rub it nice and clean. Madame rubbed her right boots against my tongue and then gagged my mouth with the thick heels of Her boots which was again filthy. i sucked the filth to give Madame a cleaner sole. Madame then shifted to left boot and repeated the same. There were still some areas of the soles that my tongue did not touch; honestly imperfect task annoys me. i only wished i could lick those soles to perfection, wet and shiny- cleaning all the filth underneath. Sometimes i wished Madame was sitting cross legged and letting me work around her boots to lick the soles clean to perfection and for Madame to inspect. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience, pleasure and honor to lick clean the filth under her boots and during my task Madame reminded me how filthy it was walking on it throughout the day in the streets and house. Once my allotted quota of reward of licking her soles was completed, Madame sat cross-legged and told me i can continue to rest on the floor for a few more minutes if needing. i sat up near her boots and continued a few more minutes of rest. A hard-working day it has been. Madame asked me to look down at the floor while i rested, while She continued to read her book. After a few minutes Madame asked me if i am ready for work. i requested her a few more minutes of break. Madame told me when i am ready to work i need to ask for permission: “May i start working Madame” before resuming work. i nodded my head of understanding that order. After a few minutes Madame asked me to look up and showed me the book, which was on drudgery. It was about the medieval times showing elegant women like Madame and filth drudges like me, there were many stories and pictures in the book; she showed them to me reminding me of my position. i felt good and reassured about my place under Madame. After a few more minutes Madame asked me if i am ready. i requested her permission as she ordered, Madame nodded in approval and i resumed the drudgery.

(...to be continued at Phase II)